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Where ghosts come from?
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Where ghosts come from?
Theory giving answer on this question is several, and all confirm that we are rimmed deceaseds'energies, and our worlds, both this our on which live, physical world, as and this world with other worlds they - intermingle mutually. Spirits be rimmed from all sides however we in normal reality do not it to wake up from their existence. Really we inform myself that they are, for example during seances ordifferent circumstances. Souls - these happy wait on next incarnations in human body, or their wander the higher levels of other worlds, towards eternal light - towards God (read about division of spirits). Happy spirits do not it threaten us, they are us how the most friendly outright. Unhappy spirits (harmed for life very folks, suicides and different), their torments be bedridden to places. These are for us dangerous. In the latter part sixtieth years professor Lethbridge he worked out theory translating how this is possible, that someof us be able to they to enter as alive - in immaterial world. ranslators this so. Weather surrounds all us. Suchlike of sure electromagnetic field, which strength depends from degree our stimulation emotional. The majority of infestations then the report between personal field, given person's weather and the local field of place, in which we are. This last fulfils the part of magnetical medium, in which deceaseds' emotions are. In a word - our thoughts and feeling pull off spirits, reproducing emotion connected from data with place and person.