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What is ufo?
UFO - Unidentified Flying Object, it is very popular phenomenon, mysterious, fascinating, at last interesting and makes you thinks, in spite that this is not new phenomenon, treat known since a long time. UFO this is something seen in the sky (standing, but more often moving), what astronomers, ufologists and different experts not able to identify on the basis of present knowledge and generally accepted scientific theories. Where from the origin of UFO gets.So much as many as occupants on the earth is opinion on this theme. I will not uncover America if I say, that they fortress, that UFO this used tale, different claim, that strange exist, and yet different, that they had already several times the possibility of intercourse with creatures from other planet and galaxy. Who is right, that is who is the closest truths - to say hard. I belong to these group, which claim, that strange exist And you decide alone after perusal this material to what group you belong. Normal thing in the world is, that many folks for fame, money whether yet from different unknown us reason it scolds different incredible things. It was, it is and will be. It many however does not it mark in this case, that all. This marks, that at least part with persons say truth. The truth, which however it was one should was prove yet. How to check person's credibility - here simple example with life taken. A dozen years ago in sure radio broadcast has talked appearance UFO in one of cities in Poland. Ufologist talking over this example on aerial misinformed listeners on purpose, informing, that met strange he was this green man and on stomach had red circle. After performance all facts connected with this case at the end of broadcast that ufologist asked listeners about dividing from him and listeners some different information on the appearing of UFO in Poland. Lots was telephones, what ufolog did not it be to take aback. The majority of conversations between him and ringing to radio listeners looked so that ufologist had asked listener affirmative, that had contact from UFO as "ufoman" had looked. Persons' large team ringing it told about data of case first. When ufologist asked or they saw strange and how they looked 99,9% interlocutors answered that they had seen strange, who was green and each of them have got red circle on the stomach. The same that ufologist from time eliminated cheats, on purpose introducing them in mistake at the beginning broadcast. Truth, that simple? This does not it mark obviously that UFO does not exist. Different of hypotheses is fact, that alleged UFO this in reality only airplanes, meteorological balloons or artificial satellite, which then folks it be not able to identify practically. Or with regard on lack of definite equipment necessary to observation of sky, be lack definite in this subject experiences and indispensable knowledge. Large the observation of unidentified flying objects was absolute jus as airplanes or balloonst. Large crowd of cases of alleged UFO was overthrown investigations whether this across observation and investigation of registered movie cages from registered UFO whether in different scientific prepare. There now it all obviously. The matter of pilots of military airplanes stays and civil. Many cases of appearance is known the UFO in track taking place flight. The part of cases the pilots notified, however part disregarded this phenomenon fearing whether then superiors' reaction, the later possibility of composition of explanations, writing of reports whether the of surroundings closest reactions - the family whether the pilots' mates. Setting in nature phenomena are different matter and concretely in our atmosphere (rising gases over water terrains - swamps, the reflection and break down of light, violent jumps of temperature). These phenomena in large measure are liable for visual observations and radar. The part of alleged appearance UFO this the really proved atmospheric reactions. Let's come back to sighted UFO persons yet. One should affirm also, that the part of cases of appearance UFO, maybe and be called out across subject hallucination persons, nervous persons at which appears state of some posttraumatic stress. This does not it mark however, that the phenomenon of appearance of UFO observed by such person, it to possibly true. Such theory was not it been possible unambiguously to throw aside though large probability is, that the appearance of UFO at these persons then the falseness. And what do you think about UFO now? Write to me and divide with me with your observations.