Two kind of magic
What is parapsychology?
Before we will begin wondering over parapsychology, it was one should explain only notion. What is parapsychology? Generally saying it is science about difficult phenomena, or impossible to explanation with the help of say nature, or differently saying this is scientific investigation of phenomena, recognised universally for going beyond borders of reality. Word parapsychology it was introduced by psychologist M.Dessoir in 1889 year, on qualification of field of investigations phenomenal called paranormal. It ranks to them every forms extrasensory perception, for example.: second sight, prekognicja, telepathy. To they phenomena these belong also different figures of influence on dead objects, for example.: evocation their movement, or alive - without influence on it well-known physical methods or chemical. This phenomenon are universally perceived for something very odd, they give about yourself often to know in houses, waking general and comprehensible fear and horror their occupants. Investigation and explanation these phenomena deal experts and scholars' numerous teams. They despite this make up the matter of argument. Parapsychology, called "mediumism", it descends with spiritism. The followers of "mediumism" were careful, that described by them this phenomena they join with special kind of meeting or the transfer of energy, in the supplement does not it capable to explain with the help of generally accessible and got to know already say nature. Test of scientific explanation of these phenomena its year 1882, when in Great Britain started Society for Psychical Research. Well-known explorer of these phenomena was polish learned Julian Ochorowicz, the psychologist, philosopher, journalist, lecturer of psychology and philosophy of nature at university in Lvov and Paris, where he led investigations over hypnotism. The Ochorowicz was also the general secretary of International Institute of Psychology in Paris. Next stage in development of parapsychology led at university investigations began in Durham in USA by J.B. Rhine. He as first applied statistical methods to opinion of results guessing the Zener's cards. It to today in USA conducts oneself investigations with this field at universities in Princeton and Charlottesville and also in Europe in Fryburg, Edynburg, Petersburg and Utrecht. Whether we will get to know fully these phenomena once and guess their formation - time will show.