What are ghosts?
Where ghosts come from?
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What are ghosts?
There is book, table, water, fire, how come would not it say the spirits are. What it is book, table, water and fire we know this. And what spirits are? They are not thing, they are not elements or chemical compounds, they are not the energetistic sources though it can it ad finem, they are not at last alive creatures. So what? To qualify this really hard. This sure matter sometimes striker human, material figure. Poet and prose writer english Robert Graves he affirmed, that spirits then event - associated with unpleasant events almost always. In large measure was it be possible was oneself from this to agree. From time however question offers, since bad spirits are causing these alleged bad events, this whether they are spirit good? They are obviously, but about this later. According to these, what spirits trace and they study the nature of spirits also it was possible to affirm, that gentle creatures are in general this, timid, like music and place, where sounds come out. They avoid however sharp tones and noisy. To call it possible by flute, harp or singings choral. There now they do not it appear in no figure then. The children have the largest ability of sight of spirits. Abilities these however they lose quickly along with the juvenescence. London's Amatour Club of Spirits - the oldesthis type organization unites persons "fishing" spirits. Club this creates many personalities with chairman Peter Undeerwood, author of many books about spirits. The most famous hunter of spirits was Harry Price, living in 1888- 1948 years. That hunter dealt with with investigation supernatural phenomena.He be interested in this field with astral photo and frauds mainly. One of the most spectacular riddles, which he dealt was the riddle of presbytery in Borlej. It was the most often haunted by spirits place. Today this already only ruin, however by hundred of years spirits haunted presbytery. The most well-known with spirits, which he entertained on pastor, was fourteenth-century nun's spirit which was murdered. Different spirit was man's spirit headless (it does not it about famous rider) carriage crossed from him often adherent to pastor's road. In alone supposedly bad spirit was at the office pastors, vague (poltergeist). He shoved his strength different objects, he set in ring bells and he did different different things. When Price he decided to settle on pastor (brave he was!) called out by poltergeist phenomena they got smaller considerably. Coming back to question, what spirits are? majority with us, even these it believers in spirits it will answer surely, that this recurring under different, invisible or visible figure of our deceaseds' person.