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Ufo over the Kalahari Desert
May 7 1989 year two fighters RPA shot down over Kalahari Desert flying object, which remained in intact condition. What is more aboard ship was two alive persons. Members cosmic crew - strange. Message this comes from secret report worked out by special department of air - reconnaissance service (DAFI). The addressee of this message was committee working under cryptonym "Illuminated Nine". This such special group, which became incarnate in life example team formed in 1947 year after event, which took place in Roswell. And how did it come to shooting down of UFO over Kalahari? About hour 13:45 the GMT time to headquarters of Navy in Cape Town report came from sea frigate "SA Tafelberg" about appearance on-screen radar of sure object - unidentified objecto, volant with speed 10.421 km/h. Object flew in nort-western directiont, in side of land. About 13:52 object this entered in aerospace of Republic of South Africa. The tests of connexion from him the radio contact did not it give the result. Air base Valhalla ordered so two intercepter-fighters undertaking chase. Object reacted with sudden only change of ride and enlargement speed. About 13:59 squadron-leader folded report about situating object and shooting him from cannon "Thor -2". Despite hit - object continued further flight. After a little bright flash extricated oneself from him. About 14:02 pilots reported that object falls with speed 1000 m/min. Later object crashed from the ground then and crashed on Kalahari Desert. Sended rescue squad affirmed that in place of incident come into being crater about depth 12 m and diameter 150 m. In wall of crater was silvery object in shape of shield. He became later transferred to security zone - one from air bases. The traces of incident became obliterated. 23 June 1989 year object was transported to air base Wright Patterson in Ohio State. In memorandum with 21 November 1950 year, directed to Ministry of Communication of Canada (the top secret) the following attentions be found. The line of USA hugged the subject of UFO clause the tallest making top secret yet more rigorous than in case of H-bomb. Flying saucers exist really. Them "modus operandi" does not known, but this studies thorughly "small group" (hides here projest "Majestic 12"), led by chief admiral's CIA R. Hillenkoettera and doctor Bush) under direction doctor Vannevara Busha. Matter this bears sway for USA huge meaning.