Two kind of magic
Two kind of magic
Every of us about magic heard. And goblets every be fascinated. Particularly being children extraction from empty bowler rabbit, or else exchange in pigeon fairy stick impression did on us. Magic however this not only executed by magicians charms. Magic - this true, by large M, it has two count. To harm maybe or to help folks. Magic as, this nothing of different is, as winning power and knowledge often secret from supernatural sources, in aim using them in worldly world. There now this also the art of controlment of strengths of nature, near use supernatural centres, such how spell whether rituals.

Saying about magic we mean two her changes. Magic black and white. Black, damnification defers on folks. They main her ideas move hereinto, that working in one place causes or influences on similar working in different place. This be holds by transfer are association. Principle from the former was it been possible peaceably to destroy hateful person or hostile smoking dummy - representing me simultaneously, that dummy is our enemy.It applying second principle, this was it been possible was to execute across handicap example hair, or our enemy's nails. It takes root at present, that the majority of early religious practices be rooted in belief in existence magic. Devilry how to be visible this terrible protect in irresponsible folks' hands. Her wrong use to have for folks unpleasant results maybe, and to bring to death even. You play with powers and strengths about many more powerful from us alone - this is not jokes. Black magic devilry serves so only yourself. Be careful so to some thoughtlessly throwed spell it did not it turn against you.

Second kind of magic so called is white magic. This help personal power in connection with power of the ground in aim the causing of definite change. This count of magic is the contrast of black magic. This so as good and evil. White magic is good, black evil. White magic is positive process. Non carrying disinterested help is her aim different and also myself only. Definite formulae and rituals serve hereinto.