Two kind of magic
This influence on static matter, movable or lively. Differently saying, it's possibility of remote control (for example the displacement of objects being in field of vision or beyond him), that is the working on distance. Phenomenon this similarly how row different parapsychology phenomena it is ad finem inexplorable. It was supposed, that for telekinesis as well as different telepathic abilities pineal gland answers - part of brain being at persons' majority unactive. This in science marks potential possibility (skill) altering position or propeling objects being in field of vision given person. "Telekinesis" marks "working on distance". Phenomenon this gives birth many doubts, also on soil of investigations over parapsychology, it because stays it to ad finem not study. In scientific environment phenomenon of telekinesis it be identified from working electromagnetic field directed on given object, and produced by brain. With phenomenon of telekinesis the row of demonstration parapsychicznych be connected. They are levitation and materialization. Ability of telekinesis they come out at children particularly and this mainly in early adolescence. Abilities these appear suddenly sometimes, under some sudden impulse. Maybe then to be electric due shock. Period when given person possesses this "gift" it is undefined. To last maybe a month, two months, to last several years maybe, and sometimes even, to the end of life. Near ascertainment appearing the phenomenon of telekinesis the important element of conduct is identification this with concrete person. Second matter, it is later skilful controlment this phenomenon.