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Spontaneous combustion
Possibility of standing up in one moment in flames, without no concrete reason, it seems incredible, but true. History knows many cases of spontaneous ignitions. Such things happen since a long time.

The most old noted down case, French case is. In 1749 year French priest Boineau he saw on own eyes woman which drinking cognac stood up in flames suddenly and burnt oneself. Over 100 years ago in United States similar case happened, which witness was small young girl. Spontaneous ignition underwent her mum. Young girl called on help local doctor. This arrived on the spot however it had been already for late. This, what doctor saw after arrival on the spot it passed his expectations. Turned out, that young girl's mother, she burnt up, during when they became list under woman's ashes untouched, and under them intact the ground.

In 1725 year innkeeper Jean Millet accused became about murder own wife. Her body was found burnt. Being objects however they in her vicinity stayed intact. Floor under victim be charred. Doctor Le Cat, which case studied it pretended to make sure court that woman's spontaneus ignition heppened on result abuse liquor. 4 April 1731 year in Cesenie in vicinity Verona spontaneus ignition underwent countess Cornelia Bandi. She went to pieces in ash in vicinity of own bed. It only her legs were found was, half-way burnt head and a bit clammy ash. Fire it did not different damages. Gunk covered floor, remindful black fat. From windowsill trickled thick, yellowish and stinking liquid. Settlings clung to walls and ceiling also. For cause spontaneus ignition was passed rubbing camphoric spirit. His inflammation had to happen.

Folks who survived attack spontaneous ignition was the professor of mathematics James Hamilton with university Nashvill. 5 July 1835 standing before own house smart felt in left leg. He noticed flame of length of several centimetres which came out from him bodies. Hitting in leg fire tried to put out, which he burnt with equal intensity still. However professor, as possessory scientific knowledge person, the tributary of oxygen detached covering fire hands. Avoided thanks this he death in flames.

The most famous however chance spontaneus ignition in XX century was Mary Reeser' death in St. Petersburg. Only element of the womans' body who was intact's, (the rest burnt up on ash), trick was the foot. Remnants was found in scorched circle about diameter 120 centimetres. Beyond countess' body nothing was burning even. Odd it was also this, that reigning in room very high temperature left intact newspapers and underwear, which they were near Mary Reeser, however they underwent thawing standing in distance candles of several metres from ashes the woman.

In years 60. one of London firemen told that spontanous ignition had been witness. He assert that from hole in man's chest light-blue fire came out remindful coming out from burner flame. Of the reel the fireman put in hole thefirehose's ending from which the flame came out and he came unscrewed the water. Nothing this however it did not it give. Man burnt up. It was it been possible to suppose that it's not able to hold back nothing this phenomenon. Victim is so without chances on survival. It to similar cases came in Poland also. In 1998 year under Kielce two-year child underwent combustion. Sand holes by family fire was excluded victim and arson. It came year later to similar case in Gdansk. Spontaneus ignition underwent man there.

They are typical setting in time spontanous ignition phenomena the light-blue colour of flames as well as thick coming out from body fume. The remindful the hiss sibilance of leaking gas hereinto comes yet. The oddest it is however this, that during burning up human body, untouched clothes stay, home equipments, and different things in vicinity of deadly the victim's flames. Body however it changes in ash. Spontanous ignition follows burnt bones in very high temperature, about what can testify. According to doctor's investigations D. J. Gee drinking it does not it affect in no incident the liquor on phenomenon of spontaneous ignition. Gee established also, that only place where bone they would can burn up on ash the special stove is designed to smoking of delays. Temperature 1400° in crematories reigns and so smoking corpses lasts for hours on end.

In years 60. theory came into being that the phenomenon of burning up folks has in magnetic field of Earth sbasis. This happens in place where field this has the largest intensity. When folks hits in such place, under high magnetical activity water in blood breaks up on hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Mixture this makes up very inflammable gas. According to different the scholars' group the enlarged dose of electromagnetic particles which emits in time Sun his activity she would have somehow to influence on appearing that phenomena. It different hypothesis advoctae, that vague the fragment of human DNA would have to answer for chemical transformation in folks' body. Then some conditions would stimulate that gene which would produce in organism inflammable substance then. Who is right. To say hard it as this phenomenon to today was not it explained was.