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Roswell incident
This is probably one from the most world-famous cases of the folks' meeting from strange. On one of deserts in United States had place event, which could alter our snotice strange, and it could bring even to unimaginable outright phenomena in circumjacent our world. Whats the matter? About crashing space ship strange on Earth obviously. Event or incident this, as who will, initially announced by American armies, he arose considerable interest. It so great, that it later was denied that was something like this at all took place. This one of the largest secrets watched to today in USA. No lack is hypotheses' obviously that this really never occurred, or, that then invented thing especially by american peoples. Fact however, that by almost fifty years are this provide for in such mysterious to can testify, that incident in Roswell then authentic fact and supplied documentary evidence. The more the credible fact, that many of these information about it it comes from notes found in military base in Roswell. How did this start? Let's back off about fifty years.Is 3 July 1947 year. Mac Brazel, the ranchman, morning goes to check one's sheep's herd. Not only sheep towards their surprise on ranch is, there now many odd remnants about astounding physical proprieties (they were very hard, and some inscriptions on them were, in unknown language, remindful hieroglyphs). Brazel takes several elements and is successful to one's uncle to it to show him. Later he informs about one's find local sheriff's. This immediately notified military airport and is going on Brazel's farm remnants would look at. When military experts appear they close on a few days terrain immediately and they clean him from all remnants, the parts of wreck take and take it airplanes B-29 to base in Roswell. Morning, 8 July 1947 year the colonel William Blanchard, captain of group 509, having the seat in Roswell, passes media's message it that was found wreck flying disc. Message this becomes number one every messages at press, radio and television. However a few hours later, general Roger Ramey, from airport Fort Worth in Texas, it passes on public opinion next message. He affirms, that colonel William Blanchard he commited huge mistake and that this unidentified flying object this nothing of different how the meteorological balloon. Who came off it? These, which worked from Blanchard they told that he was folks, which he would not it bring shame so elitist group, what was group 509. Possible was to accept, that message of Blanchard she was this true. Besides general Ramey, which he denied colonel's message passing on her folks he was 400 miles from place of catastrophe. Different significant fact. On day before catastrophe, evening, 70 miles from place crashing ship, over New Mexico state was seen flying bright the object in disciform. Brazel został przesłuchany. Brazel was examined. Both him how and members elitist group 509 it was taken all remnants and tell to keep silent. Different soldiers taking in action part connected from remnants also forbid to tell about this fact. Army passed on press official message, that this was atmospheric balloon. They be found however witnesses of this event, which they deny what ago army advoctae. The most important probably was general T. duBose from base Forth Worth in Texas. He before his death, in 1992 year revealed, that got telephone from government powers, with information, that UFO has to blow on rumours and take off responsibility with government representatives. Different fact which took place 7 July 1947 year. Then reporter McBoyle he wanted to pass on report from Roswell radio station in Albuquerque. Information broadcast with telex received some Lidia Sleppy. When she began her being useful connection became broken suddenly, and telex began passing on following information: "ATTENTION ALBUQUERQUE: DO NOT USEFUL! I REPEAT: DO NOT USEFUL THIS MESSAGE! BREAK CONNECTION IMMEDIATELY!". Sender of this announcement never was disclosed. When in 1975 year, senator Barry Goldwater he wanted to examine the remnants of catastrophe in Roswell it was not permitted to make him this. When he ask - how come did? it he was answered was, that matter it to possibly discussed with stranger, even if it is senator. And here what said member group 509 lieutenant J. Marcel in television interview conducted almost 30 years after catastrophe. "This it was not atmospheric balloon surely, airplane had to be this, or protect some secret...". Asked about propriety found on farm of pieces of material he pushed away "This did not it want to burn... was very light and thin, thin even than foil from packaging of cigarettes... I tried to break this material - there now it did not it let, we tried to make in him hole 60 pounds hammer - nothing!". His say this wreck "was not from it earth". In July 1986 year, professor Robert Saurbacher, American phisicist who occupied high office at Deparment of Defense in fiftieth years, he smashed the oath of silence. He described with details, how the goverment of USA he found and to today it keeps remnants it treat no one - several broken cars of UFO. Confirmed this also in 1990 r. gen. Arthur E. Exon, in one of interviews he said: "Chemical analyses', stamina, pressure and different they - shew that they were remnants surely from cosmos!". "We Tried to destroy the thin pieces of "foil" the great hammers and bits there now this nothing gave!". 50 years will to flow away therefrom event soon, it will be so chance on declassifying records about this incident. Whether United States will declassify interesting all materials this will turn out already soon.