Two kind of magic
This is a scientific field created in Prague in 1973 at the First International Congress of Psychotronic Research. The name was proposed by French engineer Fernand Clerc. The area of ​​her research is the borderline of psychology and biophysics. This study explores the interactions between living organisms and between them and their environment. The basic notion of psychotronics is the biofield that exists inside and surrounds every living being from the outside. In addition to the physical body, each person has an energy body surrounding him that can be photographed and measured. Special electronic equipment is used. At a young person, the biofield is strong, has a regular shape. In psychotronics and biotherapy, the biofield is a field of energy (life energy) that surrounds, protects, and gives life to every living being. The presence of biofiles allows to distinguish inanimate matter from inanimate. Its absence or reduction is due to the weakening of the body or its condition. Its total absence and disappearance are equivalent to biological death. The area of ​​activity affected by psychotronics is large. Not everyone recognizes this field as a science. There are many who argue that to prove something should be done experience. In fact, this experience should be repeated. Unfortunately in psychotronics it is not possible. What does not mean, however, that it is not real. The existence of many phenomena has, however, been proven experimentally in the labolatoris. Others, can be explained by using the scientific knowledge known to us today. Not all "cards" of psychotronic have been discovered, however. Scientists and other people fascinated by this science still have a lot to show.