Two kind of magic
Name this replaced "telekinesis" and she is used in parapsychology as qualification of psychical process finished with physical effect. Psychokinesis phenomena were studied since years 50 XIX century in three fields: explosion of spontaneous behaviours; persons' talented performances and controlled laboratory experiences. Pioneer of new discoveries in field of investigation of phenomena the psychokinesis was H. Schmidt. Existence such possibility meringues of tactile influence was very controversial phenomenon, defined name of inexplicable abilities. From one side of phenomenon these aroused great distrust, because was believe hard in spontaneous moving objects, or else the bending the sight of teaspoons (he as first made this in television programme famous Uri Geller in 23 November 1973). Let's anyway remembered Gellerlet's in conditions name this controlled by willings' experts to deny this phenomena he it was not able to repeat his achievements. Many cases alleged the psychokinesis of objects, from which studied person had direct tactile contact, was called out by the most usual changes of electrostatic field round object. Ability to psychokinesis appears the most often in period maturations at children. World-famous with one of the most psychokinesis medium is remembered earlier Uri Geller.