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Possession - well do this such? This capture by bad spirit or demon our body and soul. Name demented were defined also sick was, touched with heavy hysteria as well as nervous disorders, convinced, that disease this it comes from demon. Can demon us come over really? Here authentic history.

Surely all saw famous already today movie "Exorcist", representative just how demon masters human body. Not all however knowledge, that this movie this is authentic history, which she took place in 1949 year. Her hero, which was demented by devil or else demon was 14 years Robbie Mannheim. By 14 years their lives boy was usual child, he did not it distinguish oneself with nothing, nothing nor cannon oneself round him alone and his family. Simply veins how normal child. It was so however to time. To time, in which Robbie had 14 years. At this juncture just his Harriet's aunt died, he was ad quem attached very. Yet for life often with Harriet's aunt boy took part in spiritistic seances, calling out spirits. Post mortem aunt boy the same way he decided to come into contact from deceased. How he decided so he made. After show, in house where he lived very odd things began happening eftsoons. And Robbie, polite, calm child it changed unrecognizable. This it not the same Robbie. His character changed, he began swearing terribly, and on his body was be visible wounds. Wounds which came into being idiosyncratically. Uneasy son's attitude parents they affirmed that boy was sick. They decided to take him to psychiatrist. This however after examining boy he affirmed, that he is healthy both on body how and mind. Parents took the public meeting of conviction, that their son he could be demented by devil. They were successful from him to sure priest. Minister affirmed, that really boy was demented by devil. He decided to send away exorcisms and to clean in this way boy's souls.In track such exorcism, which he was sended away in one of hospitals, Robbie, as ill demented child attached to bed it wos liberated with tether. This happened, when priest began singing song "Guard us from evil". Boy tore out from bed spring then he and began hitting her priest. Wounds what brought back priest they were so severe, that they required from doctors of foundation over 100 seams. Exorcisms were have sended away over 120 days. The worst however this for boy's family was, that message about his obsession and sended away exorcisms she appeared in The Catholic Review, and later 20 August 1949 year he article appeared in local The Washington Post. Demented boy's history she inspired Peter's Williama Blatty, student at university in Georgtown, to writing famous today entitled "Exorcist" bestseller. Blatty came into contact from one of priests, which they sended away exorcisms over boy, however minister, father William Bowdern he refused disclosures any details relating sending away exorcisms, because he promised family secrecy. However Bowdern in time carrying out exorcism led secret journal. Copy of this journal she hit in 1986 year in hand writer Thomasa Allen thanks to mediation of Waltera's father Hollorana, minister, which helped to chase away devil with soul Robbie. In this way Allen he found out, how Jesuits' group she conducted the series of exorcisms in house of the boy's relatives and in hospital in St.Louis in Missouri, in which boy spended. Ministers prayed and they sprinkled boy's body holy water. Interesting fact was, that the symptoms of obsession they appeared at Robbie at night. At this juncture the boy of fourteen fell in scarf. He destroyed all around, he spat on priests, he throw their invectives. About sunrise boy quieted down. Wound about which earlier remembered and which they appeared on boy's body they looked how cut from friction, and blood, which of them sailed out she lay in inscriptions, "hell" whether "evil". Ministers sending away exorcisms they prayed in latin. They careful, that in this way it was been possible to call Christ, which it will be present forehead devil. After 24 next nights of exorcisms, on Easter Monday in April 1949 year - the boy of fourteen opened eyes and he said:"He Went away". Doctors, which they examined boy again, they did not it affirm at him no with disorders.

After years, writer Thomas Allen pretended to reach to Robbie, already man's adult. He affirmed later, that Robbie was "innocent victim terrific, inconceivable strength, which cultural and psychical roots reach more deeply than Christianity". Today little tells about exorcisms. The father Gabriele Amorth is one of exorcists, which opening tells about one's experiences with this phenomenon. This living in Rome priest claims, that in one's life he sended away already over 50 thousends of exorcisms, however small part with them they were the true cases of obsession, be characterizing unnaturally victim's large strength, help by her strange, don't known languages as well as the acquaintance of details with life different folks, up to here nobody known.