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You can now start fearing, because you have to deal with the most horrendous and the most bad spirits. This Poltergeists - spirits, which they can ruin folks life. One are careful they for stray deceaseds' souls, different for symptom of unusual powers human mind. This is typical symptoms activity poltergeist, which they permit to distinguish him from usual infestation: odd sounds, knocking, creak and rustles, displacement dead objects, both at a guess inmates, how and under their absence, evanishment different objects, which they appear then (sometimes can last this several weeks), sudden appearance small objects, emerges on walls, the pieces of furniture and leaves of paper the inscriptions, the destruction of home equipments, rearranging, sudden pushes inmates by invisible strengths. Then signs, that starting fearing time, because we can have to deal with poltergaist. Name poltergeist it comes from german language and mark "noisy spirit". It is about so much adequate, that poltergeists manifest their presence just odd, loud sounds. It was possible to give myself in this place question what poltergeist differs from phantom? Answer is simple. Place of peopling. Phantom they join right away, however poltergeists with person. Wherever will move cranky person, poltergeist follows for her. The most often, though except happen, poltergeist it chooses children, usually young girl. Mostly such which are under strong for one's age, stress. Here example. Is august 1992 year, Portsmouth, England. The Griggs family it moves to new house. After 2 months in the house begins happening extraordinary something. The pieces of furniture shift idiosyncratically, odd noises appear, which do not it prepare to stop and which source of formation was not possible to identify. Giggs' family she began wondering oneself, whether decision about change of domicile was corect. All shew thereon that the family had become infestations by poltergeist The particularly intensive presence of spirit was on ground floor of house, intensity his was there so large, that inmates preferred at all to does not it come in there. In the end Ms Griggs called in help priest and medium. Put diagnosis therethrough two independent bodies was unambiguous. Then the daughter Mr and Mrs Giggs - Jasmin, in which "he entered" the former occupant's spirit is the cause of amazing phenomena which have the place in house. Source of these presumptions was the fact, that Jasmin she began suddenly to tell the odd accent, and the voice which obtained oneself he from her mouths sounded how voice of the folks' adult. Well was do. Mrs Giggs asked about help again - this time different medium. This identified spirit he was the man, from which Jasmin she was on time oneself " to to bring together". The famous explorer of paranormal phenomena Andrew Green, confirms the "susceptibility" the poltergeiststo haunting small young girls. From him experiences results, that the often inexplicable activity of dead objects attributed poltergeist is in reality result psychokinezis - that is some folks' ability to displacement of objects and the production of sounds only with the help of the strengths of own mind. The most often ability psychokinetics folks show, which they survived strong psychical shock. In corroboration of one's the theory Andrew Green it quotes the history of family Johnson from Gravesend in county Kent and their son, which the parents convinced were, that them the four years old son was cranky by some mysterious creature. In their house for some time past was be to hear odd sounds and objects only they shifted. Electric only devices turned on and switched off. Phenomena these they intensified in boy's presence. When mother saw in end something, what qualified as "monk's faint figure goes down after stairs", Johnson's, in fear about one's child, they decided to turn to someone about help. In June 1983 year they came into contact just with Andrew Green. When he went down to their home, he looked through his notes. Monk's figure astonished him, because house, in which lived Mr and Mrs Johnson, het had not connections from any monastery, even historical. It looked thereon, that the monk this simply the product of imagination Mrs Johnson, terrified with perspective of meeting of spirit. All premises - the odd sounds, inclusion and switching off the electric devices, shifting the objects as well as reigning in family tense atmosphere - induced Greena to conclusion, that this is not the spirit cause of these disturbing phenomena, but Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis. She the most often concerns living in continuous tension persons. When A. Green got to know better situation studied family, was sure already that poltergeist it is not the primary source of disturbances, but them four years old son. Green recognised, that boy feels unloved surely and neglected. Parents hit it off with statement Greek', that really, boy's father lost since work, in family it knit oneself the best. On the advice of Green Johnson's they undertook the test of restoration in house of normal, warm relations. Eftsoons every odd phenomena stopped in their house. This shows it how the easily odd called out with power of human mind phenomena it were possible was mistakenly to recognise for symptom of activity of supernatural strengths - poltergeist. In Green opinion, that all inexplicable the attributed phenomena of activity poltergeist have in inexplorable areas of the folks which living under it be not able to find proper strong stress' subconscious their source up to here outlet for accumulative psychical energy. Different case of infestation by poltergeist was Matter described by Guy Lyon Playfair in book "This House is Hunted". They event took place in Enfield in Great Britain in August 1977 year. By 14 months, Peggy's Hodgeson flat was demolished after step step by some mysterious strengths. The only pieces of furniture moved, objects underwent destruction, and inscriptions on walls appeared idiosyncratically. Phenomena these intensified in presence 11 years old Janer, hostess' daughter. And so again child. Dealing with these phenomena Plaifair he worked out own theory relating it formation energy outcrier effect poltergeist. Pineal gland according to him source of that energy is - responsible gland for secretion sexual hormones. In period of development the hormones are the source of energy. When child receives such injection unknown him so far energy unexpectedly, it has her to unload. And if be not able to her use, it becomes she so to say "appropriated" by immaterial creatures and used to them own aims. Many folks share the sentence Plafair on the causes of mysterious phenomena. They believe that they come into being as a result of some intelligent activities, malicious and immaterial creatures. In 1972 year in Toronto undertake the test of proof, that in all cases the RSP out of question about thespirit's interference. Eight members of sure association from Cnada it with the help of own energy called into being fictitious figure - some Philip, deceased as to in XVII age. After several months of weekly shows Philip began announcing his arrival knocking, it it is possible will will communicate from him. In sure moment the table learnt to raise even, especially for needs of television registration. Case was the former intentional the development of effect RSP - the dead centre in investigations of paranormal phenomena. Unfortunately it, experience this did not it decide doubt, because participants in him explorers it be not able to in sufficient prepare to show, that phenomenon, what set in time their shows, in realities be called out by them, and it for example by poltergeist. Also different tests of explanation mechanism RSP did not it bring satisfactory results investigations (were subjected Janet Hodgeson about which it writes higher as well as Matthew Manning, which in years 70 he - became famous as medium these). It these persons at both were affirmed was ability to second sight and displacement on distance objects, but one does not it explain where from these their skill took. The explorers of paranormal phenomena seek the explanations continually phenomenon poltergeist. Sure facts show thereon, that really the mum here to the deal with with unusual strengths, however nobody so far it be not able to to prove, that the strength these are the certificate of existence of beyond the grave life.