Two kind of magic
Introduction to parapsychology
This is a page devoted to parapsychology. What is parapsychology? If you are read the articles in this chapter, I'm sure you'll be much closer to understanding this concept, as well as the same phenomena that accompany this very notion, or at least to some extent they are with him inseparable. The world and the phenomena that occur in our world - can sometimes trigger emotions in us unique. They allow us to see something that so far we paid no attention. They can trigger in us other than in the past way of thinking, perception, assessment of certain facts, events, phenomena. And although we sometimes do not understand everything, then being in the center of this strange world, a world of strange phenomena and concepts become the small or larger part. Whether we like it or not. Refer to so with the knowledge placed in this chapter, because I think it's worth it. If you are interested in precisely this field of science, I do not have specially persuade you. And if you do not know what it is parapsychology - that if only out of pure curiosity, please refer to the themes in this section. What's in it should interest you.