What are ghosts?
Where ghosts come from?
Division of spirits
The other world
Moving coffins
What is ufo?
Roswell incident
Alien autopsy
Ufo over the Kalahari Desert
Bermuda Triangle
Spontaneous combustion
Papal prophecies
Ghost of Lady
An image
St. Joseph stairs
Eternal bodies
Introduction to paranormal activity
Here side consecrated paranormal phenomenon. If you had from this never to deal with, or you hear this notion for the first time, the task of question will be the proper reaction, what this such these paranormal phenomena? Answer is simpler than explanation only phenomena. Then cabala, sometimes odd and simultaneously interesting and it not explained, difficult to notion for human mind. It the knowledge, ad quem of explanation was not it been possible was to accept generally accepted principles, say, or norms, well-known folks universally. Here example. Spirits. Whether you believe in their existence? Whether you had with them contact? And it can you met strange from different planet? They do not it exist? And it can however you make a mistake? Maybe strange they exist, only your belief in paranormal phenomena is faint are no? You are careful maybe simply that this stupid! You how right you is partly, because it with folks is so already, that how it will not it touch then it will not it believe something. Sometimes even if it is tangible witness of some event, it be able to this deny - this did not it to take place, it seemed me. If you are such unbeliever, acquaint from situated in this chapter materials. If you be interest with paranormal phenomena, then here put things will not it be for you new something.There now if you it had not hereinto time to deal with with suchlike phenomena, read these materials one - it was proper!