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"At the time of the worst persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter will be buried in Rome for the suffering of many, and the city of the seven hills will be destroyed and scary. The judge will judge his people."

All that concerns the church, and especially everything that is secret or covered with some secret knowledge, arouses our curiosity. It is the bigger, the less you can find out about the topic. The news about the church and the popes is especially interesting for us. The more interesting they are, if they are related to the prophecies associated with them. The last one says that Benedict XVI should be the last of the Popes. After his reign the world is over. Is it true that this is another unfulfilled prophecy, like those of the end of the world, many of which have already appeared. Our compatriot, John Paul II, was one of the long-standing Popes on the Petrine.The prophecies concerning Popes in this and John Paul II were always controversial. Let's take a closer look at some of the rules that apply to John Paul II. What is it? Extremely frequent occurrence of the number 13 in his pontificate. Let's start with the most unpleasant things - the hour of the Pope's death - 21:37. After adding all the digits their sum equals 13 (2 + 1 + 3 + 7). By adding otherwise (21 + 37) we will get 58 - the age in which Karol Wojtyla became pope. Summing up this number will give you 13 (5 + 8). Taking this figure inverted 85 - the age of the Pope in which he died and 8 + 5 = 13 will come out. Let's look at the other "13" of the Pope's Papacy. John Paul II was shot by Ali Agca on 13 May, died in 13th week. Does this mean something is a pure coincidence? Did knowing the "phenomenon" of the 13th figure in the pontificate could be foreseen or prevented some events? Today we will not find out. But let us look at other prophecies concerning the popes. Let's start with the Prophecy of St. Machaliash, a bishop who worked in Ireland in the twelfth century. His prediction appeared in 1585. There are 112 popes with their names in it. Starting from Celestine II to "Peter the Roman", the last pope whose pontifical death is supposed to end in the destruction of Rome and the end of the world. The prophecy is based on the visions of Sts. Machalias survived in Rome in 1139. His manuscript was reportedly deposited in the Roman archives of Pope Innocent II. Re-discovered again in 1590. In this prophecy, the successor of John Paul II is called "Gloria Olivae", or "olive glory." We do not talk much to us. Pope Paul VI is "Flos Florum" - the flower of flowers - it is more apt expression, because in his coat of arms were three lily flowers, although his predecessors also had flowers in his coat. Our countryman John Paul II called him "De labore Solis", or "From the work of the Sun." What can this mean? The Pope was born on May 18, 1920. On this day there was a solar eclipse. He died on April 2, and his funeral took place on April 8, 2005, during the eclipse of the sun. After him, according to Machaliash, there should be only 2 popes. But are you sure? The last, longest sentence of Machaliash's prophecy is: "In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, progeny oves in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & Iudex tremendus iudicabitum populus suum. In translation it means: During the worst persecution of the Holy Roman Church will sit Peter Romans, who will fall sheep in many sufferings, after which the city of seven hills will be destroyed and terrible Judge will judge his people. Do you mean that Benedict XVI is the penultimate on the capital Peter? Let's see what the other prophet Nostradamus says about the pope. Was the man who foretold the dictatorship of Hitler, the death of John Kenedy, the discovery of the planet Neptune and many other things? Many of which have already worked out, are also right about the popes? Nostradamus treats papacy as a refuge in the changing history of our history. There are 6 papal lines in the Centurion (5.74 - 5.75). Nostradamus mentions Gregory XIII, Sixtus V, Clement VIII, Paul V, and Urban VIII. There is a poem. "Due to the death of a very old Pope, a very good Roman will be chosen, and he will be said to weaken the throne, but he will be in pain for a long time." This prophecy has not yet fulfilled, the only Pope chosen as a young (Roman at a very good age) was Gregory XIV. He, however, sat on the papal throne very briefly. Many say that the centurion is talking about Pope John Paul II and his successor. It is therefore possible that we are witnessing the fulfillment of the prophecies of Nostradamus. Many consider it very old Pope John Paul II, whose pontificate was 27 years old. In fact, the meaning of this visionary prophecy is very simple compared to other visions. Nostradamus predicted that after the death of the old pope, the new successor of St. Peter, who will be a young man and who will be accused of activities that weaken the Church. Nevertheless, for many years he will remain on the papal throne. If one accepts - that there is a connection between the "prophecy of St. Malachia" and the work of Nostradamus, many point to the fact that Pope Benedict XVI announced in Pope Benedict XVI's "Pope Benedict XVI" announced at Pope Pius XII. "Back to the prophecy of Malachi and John Paul II is our compatriot The 107 epigrams seem to be related. It follows that there will be only one pope. On this last Pope Malachi wrote, let us quote it again: During the recent persecutions of the Holy Roman Church, "Peter the Roman" will rule, which will bring much concern to her flock; Then the city of the seven hills will be destroyed and the terrible Judge will judge the people. The expression "terrible judge" was customarily used in relation to the Judgment Day, when the living and resurrected will stand before the Supreme, awaiting the judgment of eternal condemnation or eternal bliss. This expression can also have a completely different meaning. What? Hard to say. Of both prophecies, in any event - if indeed they can be considered together - that the next pope will be the last. It is also said that the last pope will be black, which is meant to end the world. Let's stay here for a moment. We have to go back to the time when the Pope was Pius X. One day during the nap he had a vision, a vision of the end of the church as one might suspect. He saw, among others: Rome bathed in the blood of priests and bishops and fleeing pope. Unfortunately, it is unknown who. After this incident a special Vatican commission was assembled. It collected prophecies about the popes known at that time, prophesied, confronted with the prophecies of the Greek Sibylite, written in nine books, gave an astonishing picture of the papacy's fate. This committee has created a report. One consistent document. Here is what follows. Dominance in the Christian world would last only until 2025. The process of the disappearance of Vatican authority and the spiritual leadership of the popes according to this report was supposed to begin with the mysterious death of the "moon pope", whose pontificate lasted only a few weeks, and its light will not be able to glow. The pope will only be able to "shine on reflected light" - like the moon. The next Pope will be the "sun-pope", who wandering on earth - like the sun after the sky - will strive to unite former schismatics and reconcile with Judaism. His efforts will not, however, produce the expected effects. There will be an "olive branch" - the Pope, who will devote all his activities to combining the Christian faith with the "new faith of the new age." These efforts will not produce results. Finally, a pope of a foreign race will come, who will be - against his will - the apocalypse Pope. He will die with all Rome, in the fire of purification. So from the "moon pope" we have four popes in the Bologna. These four last popes are called "De mediae lunae" - the mediator of the moon, "De labore solis" - The sun's rays, "De gloria olivae" - The glory of the olive tree and "Pietro Romano" - Peter Rome or Peter the Roman. According to the experts, "Moon Mediator" is John Paul I. His pontificate lasted only thirty-three days, and attempts to mediate with the Vatican's dignitaries for changing the face of the Church planned by Paul VI ended with his mysterious death. "The Trud of the Sun" is John Paul II - Pope Pilgrim. His pontificate is the numerous pilgrimages in the most remote corners of the world like the sun after the sky.) He also made the first huge step towards reconciliation with Judaism. After him is the "Glory of the Olive Tree" - a pope whose pontificate will fall for the time of the great development of faith in paranormal phenomena. His reign will begin with the massive mass retreat of the faithful from the Church. Paranormal phenomena are to master the human mind and become an independent religion with millions of followers. It will, however, be so large that the pope will be forced to seek consensus with the followers of the new faith. He will also move temporarily to Milan. However, Rome will no longer return. Maybe not just about Milan and about another city. By. Look at Nostradamus ("Roman Pope, be careful not to come closer to the city where the two rivers are flowing! When the roses bloom, the ones you have loved, the Bloody Blood is near you - and you will come back to Rome with them"). This is Lyon. It lies on two rivers, Saone and Rodan. The last one is "Roman Peter" - the last pope in the history of the Catholic Church. It should be black. Like the first of the Popes, Peter will face the persecution of Christians. Will become pope of the time of violent Christian-Muslim wars and Sino-Indian war. Then somewhere in Asia there will be a leader - the antichrist (according to the prophecy the antichrist is already born), he will "dump" the phenomena to miracles like, which will gain a lot of devotees. And there will be crowds. Satan will give him all his power. So "armed" will launch a genocidal war involving two hundred million people to conquer the West. This will be the final act. Rome will disappear and the world will be cleansed by fire. The last pope will surviveall this to go with the Eternal City. This will be the end of the world. Remember the last pope to be "black". But surely this is the prophecy? Has anyone paid attention to the coat of arms of Benedict XVI? That's him. The coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI contains elements referring to the Gospel and Christian symbolism. There are two keys: silver and gold, placed above the shield. This is a well-known symbol of papal power. The golden key is a symbol of power, while the silver of the spiritual authority of the Pope. There is no papal tiara in the coat of arms. Benedict XVI placed in him a bishop's infusion. There are three horizontal bands connected by one vertical also have their pronunciation. They are symbols of order, law, and magisterium, which are connected by the person and the ministry of the Pope. Under the shield there is a papal pallium - a sign that the popes have worn since the fourth century. And another important symbol on the shield of the papal coat of arms is the head of the Negro, the seashell, and the bear of St. Corbinian. These elements were transferred from the episcopal coat of arms of the present Pope. The crowned head of the Negro who has been in the coat of arms of the Bishops of Friesian for about 1000 years is an expression of the universality of the Church, "who knows no racial and class differences," in which all are united in Christ. The seashell is a symbol that has been established for centuries as an attribute of pilgrims following the tomb of Sts. James in Santiago de Compostela. For the future Pope is the sign of our pilgrimage. Placed in the coat of arms carrying the package refers to the legend of St. Corbinian. The legend says that the pilgrim to Holy Rome was attacked by a bear who torn his horse. Then the saint scolded the bear and ordered him to take his luggage to Rome. So much for the coat. But can it be that the head of a Negro is to be the dark one of prophecy? So now the last Pope is in control of us, I leave you to judge.