Music I like
Music this is hobby almost all of as. Me too. My adventure with music started in seventieth years. Then I listened recordings, which my papa accumulated. Among them were songs pop group like "Abba, Boney M", "Saragossa Band" "The Rubbets" ane many more. When I began growing with me together "growing" my own musical taste.

However resoluteness influence thereon, what I listen today, they had runs childhood. The group, from which started so for good my adventure with music it's Modern Talking.When I was in eight class of elementary school first time I heard song "You're My Heart, You're My Soul". He fell me in ear because she had been then music light, easy and pleasant and it became so already till present day. I listen Modern Talking for today, despite fact,that group dasn't existing. Modern Talking he came into being in 1983 in Gremany. His founders were Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen. From plates which recorded in first time one's activity ("The first Album" - (1985r), "Let's Talk Abort Love" - (1985r.), "Ready For Romance" - (1986r.), "In The Middle Of Nowhere" - (1986r.), "Romantic Warriors" - (1987r.) "In The Garden Of Venus" - (1987), many hit songs came from, for which group gained gold and platinum plates. These the most well-known hits are: "You Can Win If You Wont", "Chery Chery Lady", "Atlantis Is Colling", "Brother Louie", "Hundred Years". Firstly parting Thomas I Dieter they acted onone's own hook. Thomas Anders with poor success, Dieter Bohlen put group Blue System. He presented this what in style Modern Talking. Bohlen with Blue System recorded plates: "Walking On A Rainbow", "Body Heat", "Twilight", "Obsession", "Seeds Of Heaven", "Deja Vu", "Hello America", "21-st Century", "Ten", "Forever Blue", "Body To Body" and "Here I am". Bohen, as composer co-operated, and he wrote many hits for different performers also. For example for: C.C.Catch, Chris Norma, Lesli McKeown, Taylor Dayne. He composed music to serials and television films also for example: "Rivalen der Rennbahn"

I listen different artist also, Sandra, Kim Wilde, Madonna, Belinda Carlisle, Smokie, Chris Norman, Wilson Philips, Omd, Eurytmics, The Hooters, Elo, Clanad, and many more. I like music of sixtieth years also. I would can here to enumerate and to enumerate: The Hollies, The Tremeloes, The Searchers, Prter and Gordon, Manfred Mann, Herman's Hermits, Gery and the Pacemakers, The Beatles and more. And this is not end obviously. In the evenings the most willingly I listen electronic music. I like very much the virtuoso of claviers - Vangelis. This is "orchestra man". I command him all, which do not it know his music yet, because this, what they know his works to command him one does not it one should.

Vangelis was born in Greece w 1943.He madeone's debut in half of 60. in Formynx group. In 1968, after coup d'état in Greece, he went over to France.There with Denis Roussos he created Aphrodites Child group. Then sins 1971 year his plates had begun exactly giving under pseudonym Vangelis. True fame brought him the album from sound-track to the movie ("Chariots of Fire"), for which then music Vangelis received the Oscar. Very popular is album "Odes" - recorded with Irene Papas, Greek actress,well-known from movie "Guns of Navarone", and albums "Short Stories", "Private Collection" and "The Friends Of Mr. Cairo" - recorded with vocalist of Yes group - John Anderson, with popular songs as: "I Hear You Now", "State Of Independence" and "I'll Find My Way Home".

Moreover I listen musics Jeana Michel Jarre. Oxygene - whether someone is who did not it hear about this plate? Surely yes. Therefore if you did not hear music Jarre, listen because one it was proper. Jean Michel Jarre composer, performer. and music producer, was born in august 24 1948 year in Lyon in France. Hi is son fo Mourice Jarre a famous composer of film music. Jean Michel is one of the pioneers electronic music. Over his career Jarre has sold an estimated 80 million albums and singles. Album, which the world has heard about this musician and Jean has gained world popularity was "Oxygene". For this album composer has received award for this round Grand Prix Du Disques. Next albums like "Equinoxe", "Randez Vous", "Zoolook", "Magnetic Fields" they strengthened him popularity only. The famous is not only Jean Michel music but also his concerts. The most famous are: Huston - Lyon, China, or London's dock.

I like also Mike Oldfield music this is that man who composed Tubular Bells.Mike Oldfield (Michael Gordon Oldfield) was born 15 may 1953 in Reading, Berkshire in England. Familly: father Raymond, mather Maureen, sister sally, brother Terry. Wife Fanny, Children - 2 with Norvegian singer Anita Hegerland, 1 with Fanny Oldfield. Mike is multiinstrumentalist musican and composer. His music is often elaborate and complex in nature. In 1967 he and his sister Sally formed the folk duo The Sallyangie. After this folk group he formed another duo. Now with his brother Terry, called Barefoot, which took him back to rock music. In 1973 he created album Tubuler bells, the plej famous album in his dyskography. On this album Mike was plaing on 20 instruments. The Tubular Bells opening Him way to music word. In 1975, Oldfield received a Grammy award for Best Instrumental Composition in "Tubular Bells - Theme From The Exorcist". The early 1980s saw Oldfield make a transition to "mainstream" popular music, beginning with the inclusion of shorter instrumental tracks and contemporary cover versions on Platinum and QE2. Mike create also many hit songs: "Moonlight Shadows", "Go to France" "Innocent" "Five Miles Out". On 12 April, 2004 Oldfield launched his virtual reality project called Maestro which contains music from the Tubular Bells 2003 album and also some new chillout melodies. The demo versions of the games can be found on the official Mike Oldfield homepage.