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Many of secrets, what conceals universe is odd and impossible to explanation. And these interest us the most obviously. Some of them after many years very slowly they partly be explained, different sow horror and different have for us tragical results yet. One of such secrets, to introduction from which I invite you, and which then the secret never waits for the solution, is shifting in tombs coffins. Here the secret of "movable coffins".

Many such cases is well-known. Let's assemble on two. Is 24 August 1943 r. the island of Barbados. On that day on island the gravediggers under supervision of delegates of freemasonic box. Unlocked sir Evan McGregor' tomb, which hidden he became in 1841 year. However not delay sir Evan McGregor was the object of interests gravediggers and delegates of box, treat Alexander Irvine, the founder of the freemason's box on island Barbados, and which remants rested on the same tomb. Only crypt was hammered into shape in rock and stood on about 1.5 m over level of soil. To tomb entry one led (after stairs in break down). The sealed doors closed the opening of tomb chamber, and for them was yet powerful stone plate. After opening of sealed doors and the removal aside the stone plate gravediggers and envoys barred the road of brick rising in tomb chamber. Gravediggers tackled so to tidying passage. From under heap of bricks, getting smaller slowly, the metal object appeared. Nobody knew initially, what this to possibly. However after had removal bricks it turned out that it was this lead coffin. She stood vertically upsides down, leaning about heap of bricks obstructing entry. Gravediggers carefully took out from under her brick, to was one possible to put again horizontally on the ground Folks be surprised, how weighing 600 pounds coffin of McGregor she could to be to find in different place, than place, where she was folded.Her place be hammered into shape in niche in opposite wall. Crypt be closed, and intact stamps. And where from did there small little holes take in coffin? These were the straight lines of question yet, how it was to show. Attention, coffin from freemason's worldly remnants Alexsander Irvine in tomb was not! Delegates decided to inform so powers, and these called in help experts. Started detailed inquiry, which uncovered in result yet more riddles. Both, Alexander Irvine and Evan McGregor, they was hidden in this tomb, in heavy metal coffins, knocked lead sheet metal. Coffins these, they stood side by side in separate niches in wall. It wasn't doubts as to this. Should also to exclude activity cemetery thiefs, the stupid jokes, whims fanatics or madmen and different of this type of behaviour. The folks it could not be with cause of odd event, it could not this execute also known natural events. Anyone was liable for this whot became in crypt, he would have or to enter without violation of stamp, or to put it later again. Elevation from tomb one coffin, exacting earlier heavy interventions depending on putting second coffin vertically and support her about entry previously barred wall with brick, it was inexecutable task. Powers were had from this leading investigation to reconcile. Matter this did not was explain and to today it stays with riddle.

Question in this matter alone they will press on mouths. Who? How? Then? Do Barbados this place of assembling the mysterious strengths? If so then whot strengt? And this can after usual disorderly whim? One is sure similar things sections oneself already on this island.

The earlier event with history of island of Barbados is known as "anxious grave" or transmigrant "the coffins of family Chase". Let's back off to beginning with thought XIX age now. On south coast of island of Barbados rises Cemetery Christ Church, and on this cemetery is the tomb of family Chase. Built from great cemented blocks of coral reef, about dimensions 4x2 metres - half-way plunged in the ground. Marble plate weighing ton made up his lock. 31 July 1807 year in tomb was found first coffin, with delays Thomas Goddard. Burial that woman he had completely usual course and nothing did not it announce extraordinary events, which they had to take place later. Seven months later exactly 22 February 1808 year in crypt was placed second coffin. She had been considerably smaller because lay in her child's delays, the woman's Goddard granddaughter - Mary Ann Marii Chase. Nothing to write home about took place also then. When so 4 years later, 6 July 1812 year opened crypt in aim hiding in her older sister of Mary Ann, Dorcas Chase, mourners and gravediggers stood up how palsied. What did they see in tomb? Smaller coffin lay in one angle, and Mrs Goddard coffin was leaning about wall. This looked so as some giant would move right away coffins or he pushed away aside the meringues of appropriate respect for deceaseds. About perpetrator's strength testified that coffins was knocked lead sheet metal and move their naked hands did not it belong to easy, it was outright impossible. Because was hard establish whot became in tomb, coffins were put was on one's places and by them new coffin was put, older sister, older sister and tomb later was closed. Start wonder, who could make something like this. It was supposed that black slaves are perpetrators, which they were bad treated by one's mister Thomas Chale. Some time then as it seemed problem was alone to solve..Thomas Chase died and 9 August 1812 year was hidden in the same tomb. All was in order again and about earlier things, which sections oneself inside tomb was begun slowly leaving behind. Until day came 25 September 1816 year. On that day funeral had to take place child of Samuel Brewster - Ames. The tomb in aim of burial was unlocked again, finding there again huge disarray. Nobody was in doubt this time that Negros could make this. There now whether they could this really to make and this in way for nobody imperceptible? Secondly Negros feared deceaseds. This however did not matter. Guards before tomb were had put out which permitted to judge, that it will put then end next profanations. This for nothing, as oneself it later had to show. Two months later, 17 November took place next funeral. This time was had to hide Samuel Brewster transffered to tomb of Chese family from primitive resting-place, which was cemetery of St.Philip. Funeral ceremony reminded people's feast. Folks' crow assembled. Institutions were accepted even, whether phenomena will repeat oneself. These were right, which surrounded thereon, that again in tomb something will occur. In tomb reigned chaos. Mrs Goddard's coffin, which as first "living" in tomb was broken on pieces. This called out indignation one - examined so tomb. Centimetre after centimetre. Nothing however was not affirmed and does not it find. All was in impeccable condition. Walls, floor, ceiling, plate occlusive entry, mouse it could not even they would get throught. Coffins were arranged on one's places again. Gathered also Mrs Goddard's remnants and cramble pieces of her coffin. On three years quiet took control. 17 July 1819 year in tomb which famous was already worldwide had to be hidden next person- Thomasina Clarke. Ceremony this in light this, what cannon oneself earlier she arose already international interest. Near opening of tomb except prying's crowd present they were also British governor of Barbados, lord Combermere, and two different government officials. Was forged marble plate occlusive to tomb entry, then slaves pushed away her aside. When the interior of tomb stood up opening by onlookers' crowd he passed first shout and silence covered then. Secret strength haunted tomb again. None of coffins stood on her place. It was subjected tomb investigation again, and does not it affirm anything again. It after once next all coffins were arranged was on one's places, treat this time something was made yet. Fat layer was sanded floor. With this thought, that some imprints will become on it. The crypt was closed, and lord Combermere he sealed up personally. Before entry was put the guard. Year later, 18 April 1820 year again opened the tomb, despite, that was not funeral this time He was unlocked under pressure of public opinion. Key executives arrived again along with Lord Combermere. The stamps was found intact, so nobody could be to give mediad. In time pushing away aside great plate occlusive entry gave to hear impressive harsh sound. Sound this got from here, that wins over of larger coffins was based about entry and it one should her to to push away. This was really beginning. All coffins lay in complete disarray. This looked so, how coffin of Mary Anny Chase she would become with huge strength throwed about back the wall of crypt and thereat the opportunity she splitted off the great joke of stone wall. On fat layer of sand it was not however no different prospective traces, moreover, which they left touched coffins. After next investigation nothing which shew again, governor ordered to transfer all coffins. They was transferred to different crypt where they rest motionless for today. In places in which were folded.

The former tomb of family Chase it was left was open and empty. He was possible was to tour, yet for today. Message from book V. Farkas "Unexplicable phenomenon".