A few words about Chełmno
"Pearl Of Vistula"," Gothic city", of German CULM. All these names credited are only to one Polish cities, lying over Vistula. Cities, which former histories remember Brothers Of the Teutonic Order, The Philomats Organization, invading army of Nazi, first on world operations of resection of stomach, whether at last celebrated "miracle over Vistula". About which one city speech, of course about Chełmno, city on nine hills.

Going from side Torun to Gdansk with national "one" not manner not to notice of beautiful views, which one accompany to Chełmno from east, of west, of north and south. To be found in this city, will suffice but on moment to deviate from this routs and surely you will not regret undertaken decision.

If any time and anywhere you saw fabulous sceneries this equally rapt you will be fabulous view of city Chełmo. Compact team of antique buildings, surrounded with defensive wall with defensive towers and all surrounded with luxuriant green. In precincts of walls and of mediaeval fortifications is situated my family - city, about nine churches, from many old hauses, picturesque market, which "heart" is Renaissance - Town Hall. Municipat Lanes lie under straight angle to straight lines on plan of chess - board. And from town hall tower every day at noon sounds bugle-call. Song "Vistula".

Chełmno became with city almost 800 of years ago. Law municipat received in 1233 year. Not all about this with knowledge but this just on chełmno low came into being many of other cities.

Present Chełmno well-known is to local inhabitants as city of knights Of Order Sacred Marii Unmarried Women, of which on Polish earth the Earths brought ks.Konrad Mazowiecki. After today day inhabitants of city can have sorrow to trestles, that did not build in Chełmno castle. Maybe then just Chełmno would be capital of order and not Malbork City. But this just thanks to order in town to today's day revolves legend about Bernard Szumborskim, which being in service of order opposed to trestles. Szumborski died in 1470 year, but how proclaims legend, his ghost continually lives and frightens in "Prochowa" Tower. What more brave once in a while appears he forged in handcuffs walking about after mediaeval defensive walls. To experience power of impressions and to come together with ghost of Bernard will suffice to visit Chełmno.

But this not one legend of Chełmno. Following binds from wonderful source, which after today day behaved one's own uncommon proprieties, and place name well,where is that source necessarily it is necessary to see. How proclaims that legend thanks wonderful source little, blind boy from poor chełmno's families Stołowskich recovered eyesight, washing eyes with water from that sources. Today in place where took place miracle stands little chapel. Other connected legend is with picture of divine mother, which hung at home remembered earlier families Stołowskich. When in their to farm exploded fire, poor persons flung oneself to save one's own belongings, when over their with house appeared picture of God's mother, pendant till now on wall of house. Picture rose over walls being dying out of house, from fire untouched, carried with invisible power hung on birch woods growing at gate not far from wonderful sources. Came together people to admire two self-evident wonders and praising two matters God would achieve picture in procession to "Fara" Church. But day after was not already wonderful picture in church. Was found hung over gate. When again him to church one transfered he always "wonderful" with power over gate came back, where already then chapel was found, one placed him inside of chapel, outside while, where picture hung one put wooden figure introducing Holy Virgin Painful.

"Pearls Of Vistula" did not avoid Nazi occupation. In 1939 year city became occupied by Germen and incarnate together with all Pomerania to Crowd, what how in every chance marked removal no matter which indications of Polish character from life public. In Februaries 1945 of year city liberated red Army.

Last years this following stage in history this situated on the Vistula cities. Cities, which nothing by these years did not waste from one's own splendours and many gained. One spoke about exceptional position Chełmno, which formerly was advantage but and in present times is her also, as form became hindrance in industrial development of city, and this in turn saved material heritage Chełmno.

Uncommon charm of city valued already you, whiches but once here were. To you also I advise this to make.