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Ghost of Lady
Apparition. What is it, or what is it? Not many of us have encountered this phenomenon. What is it that dictates that one thing is to see something nearer unspecified, another not. Is it enough just to be in the right place at the right place? Or, maybe the ghost itself can decide who to show? The character may be a person, an animal or an object. Not always clear but visible enough to be seen. We can not always describe it well. Throughout the world, almost every corner of the world is circling the ghosts. The most famous are Mary Mary Howard's carriage. It is seen on the old King's Way road, in Devon, in the marshes between Tavistock and Okehampton. Lady Howard is trapped in the carriage. She was the daughter of the landowner, Sir John Fritz, who lived in the 17th century. The carriage, which holds Lady Mary's spawn, is made up of the skulls and bones of her four husbands, who supposedly perished from her hand. The carriage pulls the skeleton of the dog - the specter. Another famous phantom is the ghost of Judge George Jeffreys. He saw her David Hanchet.June 28, 1944, he returned home in the evening. About 21.45, when he reached the Bell Lane junction in Enfield Old Town, in the northern outskirts of London, he saw a tall black box-shaped coach, with a coachman and two black horses. The vehicle somehow emerged from the hedge surrounding the gardens. The spectrum of the vehicle slipped along the hedge and its wheels hovered above the ground. After a moment the carriage disappeared. The person who ran the coach, the coachman, had a tall black cylinder and held a long whip in his hand. There were several people in the carriage. Legend has it that the coach travels the spirit of the famous cruel judge, loyal servant James II, George Jeffreys. In 1936, a double decker bus was often seen. A bright red bus, illuminated vehicle without passengers, driver and conductor, rushed north at St. Mark's Road in Kensington. Many drivers, who were driving this way at that time, fled in panic to avoid collision with the bus. The specter of the coach ceased to show after one of the drivers, upset by his appearance, made a steering turn, hit the wall and was killed on the spot. After this event, the wall was dismantled and widened to increase driving safety. Bus signs have not been seen today. Another sight was seen on November 2, 1981. On that very rainy day, Andrew Cutajar was driving to Great Yarmouth. Hopton noticed a cloud of gray mist in the middle of the road. When he approached, the cloud was a tall man with lush hair, dressed in a long cape or cloak and laced boots. The character did not move, Cutajar stopped to avoid collision. The car fell into a slip, drove into a man, drove through his intangible body, and left his other side, after which the ghost of the man disappeared. The car drove on a grassy shoulder and his driver suffered no injuries. It was later revealed that on this stretch of road, the spirit was often seen as a "victim" of drivers.