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Division of spirits
We, people on earth, really we will go away in other worlds as long as we fear them, as we associate from bad something spirits.Seldom spirit, he is associated from good things. One of main principles of spiritism tells, that the different categories of spirits exist. What it for this goes, in other worlds similarly how on Earth sure hierarchy has to be. And this marks, that and there it every is myself even.They are and more even.They are wise and wiser. It perfects and more more tip-top. Knowledge this,which they had the possibility of participation in spiritistic seance. Spirits which visit us then they are not always nice and polite, sometimes outright vulgar and arrogant, in the supplement later heavily oneself to get rid to their, that is to accompany them to world for them proper. Let's see therefore how the division of spirits looks. For someone let this will be science, for different warning. Spiritual hierarchy consists from three main groups indicated and described by spirits exactly. Because every of them is diverse, groups these were partite on subgroup in dependence from character creator it eats spirits. Classification is conventional, only trunk of every of groups is formed by spirits. It was proper to mark, it that many spirits do not it were give was to classify. Features can possess simultaneously characteristic for several degrees of hierarchy. Here the hierarchy of spirits beginning from the highest to the lowest:

  • CATEGORY I (the highest) - CLEAN SPIRITS
  • Let's self - characterize the individual categories and subcategories of spirits now.

    CATEGORY I (the highest) - CLEAN SPIRITS

    Generic features: the insusceptibility on influences of matter, absolute moral superiority and intellectual even in relation to spirits adherent to introduced already category.


    Spirits these crossed already all rungs of development and they got rid every it detains from matter. They reached full perfection, what only accessible is creation, they need not already surrender to next tests nor for nothing to suffer. It being subject to also the right of reincarnation in deadly bodies,they begin on God's womb eternal life. They are please with unbroken happiness, as they it have not to them the access of need and the variables the fates of earthly life. Their happiness, it's not however monotonous idleness eternal contemplation. They are a God's mesenger,charging them various tasks the servants the maintenance the harmony of universe. They direct apart with all lower spirits, they help them to improve and recommendations let them. Many joys delivers them consoling in distresses folks, arousing in them thirst of good and arousing sorrow for mistakes dismissing folks from the largest happiness. More than once it defines it angels' name, archangels and seraphs. Folks can is sure contact with them, treat with conceit was suppose, that they will be present on every call. Sometimes it defines it mistakenly the name of spirits increate. But for would were created,they would not it have, so as only God, no beginning, meanwhile if would could exist everlastingly aside from of the God's will, He would not it be omnipotent. If so spirits in contacts with us they used with such qualification, they made this this in completely different sense. They underlined in this way fact, that sure spirits incarnation will not it be already more, and therefore they will become already never created so, how folks be created to earthly life.


    Generic features: the superiority of spirit over matter, thirst of good. The ability of the deal with therethrough the good by the spirits dependent it is from degree their development. One of them reached the high-level of knowledge, different wisdom and good nature, at the most meanwhile developed wisdom goes together with high morality. They did not it detach yet entirely from matter, therefore they keep in sure degree, according to of one's position in hierarchy, some traces of earthly life. They without this would be perfect spirits. They comprehend God's creature and infinity, happinesses experience already fair. It gladdens them, that they can act good and to prevent evil. Uniting them eats it is for them the source of pleasure,which they do not it stir envy, claims, reproaches nor no different bad feelings and proper passions imperfect spirits. They have however yet before themeselwe the row of tests, leading to achievement absolute perfection. Activity their it depends on stimulation good thoughts, importing from bad roads folks, looking after these, which they thereon deserved, as well as neutralizing exerted by imperfect spirits influences per person trying to protect one's integrity. Folks, in which spirits these materialized, they are honest in every respect and friendly for neighbours. Pride has not to them access, egoism nor ambition, hatreds, desire do not it feel whether it envies and they act good entirely disinterestedly.To category this defined in people's beliefs spirits belong as good geniuses, tutelary geniuses.


    In even measure they possess knowledge, wisdom and kindness. They speak with full language of kindness,always stately, noble,often elevated. More than different spirits they feel like to give us reliable information about invisible world, obviously in borders of meeting accessible for folks. They willingly link from these contact, which disinterestedly look for truths and which souls are sufficiently independent from body, they would can these truths comprehend. They avoid however all acting with only curiosity or so subordinate matters, that goods it are not able to act. If in exceptional incidents incarnation oneself, they have for task realization of some special work and they become for folks with example of such perfection, about what on the ground it was it been possible to dream only.


    Them chief attribute very high moral consciousness is. They lacks unrestricted knowledge is sure, however their intellectual level it permits them


    They distinguish oneself vastness and depth of one's knowledge. In smaller degree they are interest with moral problems than scientific, towards which talents direct it their natural. They estimate however knowledge with point of view her usefulness and they do not it show no doggedness or ambition, proper lower spirits.


    Kindness is main their attribute. They find fancy in serving folks and looking after them, treat their consciousness it's limited yet, they reached as larger progress on moral plane than intellectual.


    Imperfect spirits they possess the intuitive consciousness of existence of God, they are not able to him however to comprehend. Not all are with natures completely bad; some are more reckless,unruly and contrary than really mean. Different do not it act nor nothing good, nor nothing bad, there now only fact, that they are not the cause of good, it decides about them low position. They are however and such, which they blow off steam in deal with evil, because really it rejoices them. They be able to unite sure intelligence with malice and cleverness, generally however their intellectual level it is not high, and their feelings are enough primitive. They possess the weak acquaintance of spiritual world. Coming from from them information about other worlds they are insecure, or quite false. Membership their was it been possible to establish on the ground language, what they use. betraying in track communicating with folks their bad thoughts, he should be numbered to third category. In consequence every bad thought, reaching to us with other worlds, it comes from spirit about such just rank. Spirits, about which speech, they perceive joy better apart, what is for them source incessant torment, they feel as thereat huge envy and inappeasable the thirst of happiness.They keep alive remembrances one's previous carnal ailments and memory this is for them sometimes more nagging than only life. They survive so again torture, which they experienced already once, as well as these, which alone they gave with different, and because they feel pain very long, they judge that state such will last eternally.


    They are not nor sufficiently good, they would act good, nor sufficiently bad, to act evil. In even measure have susceptibilities so towards one, as second. They are not able to rise under moral regard or intellectual over very low horizon. They are continually connected from material world, suffering with sorrow for lost earthly pleasures.


    They possess sure acquaintance of world, however they overestimate her clearly. Having reached under many regards visible progress, they use with language formed so well, it that it was it been possible to attribute him creatures about many more perfect. The most often spirits these carry only echo of sure messages, in the supplement mostly accidental and incorrect, exalted with earthly life. It was it been possible to qualify as mixture several truths, many half-truths and the lots of absurd falsenesses, given birth with conceit, pride, it envies and blindness, which then defects spirits these not able to lean.


    Spirits these are crude, malicious, contrary and derisive. They to all interfere, answer on every question without no feeling of responsibility for word. They enjoy in inflicting folks the changes of unpleasantness and problems, in obstruction them life, in control of their on incorrect paths by ruses and frauds. To this category belong Spirits called commonly goblins, imps and gnomes. They are dependent from higher spirits, which they use them often so, as we use with service. More from different spirits they love to matter and in main measure they serve to satisfaction of bad susceptibilities creatures resident air, water, fire, solid and world underground. They manifest their presence carnally, for example with the help of knocks, displacement of objects. With this regard it be calls it poltergeists or motor. It accounts oneself, that exchanged acoustic phenomena and motive they are not accidental and without meaning then, when visible rational cause is them. All kinds of spirits they be able to call out this type phenomena, treat higher spirits they leave it in general lower, more easily moving in grounds of matter than in sphere of elevated thoughts and feelings. During communicating with folks spirits these sure certificates of intelligence and joke let sometimes, almost always however shallow and superficial. They be able to perceive absurdity and the drollery of phenomena as well as to express her in cutting way and perverse. If they impersonate under anotherperson's names, they act this more with perversity than real malice.


    They incline to evil and it is their aim of working. Asked by folks they give tricky advices, they sow dissension and distrust, founding thereat various masks, they more effectively would deceive. They feed on weak folks, susceptible on their influences, which they lead to ruin. In track of show language betrays it their; his triteness and boorish, they are, imilarly how at folks. Phraseology them it testifies about low susceptibilities and even then, when they try to cheat folks being successful good manners, they it is not able by longer time to play this part, what move falling in proper them coarseness. Then demons, spirits of evil. Human being, in which oneself they realize, they be permeated with low, animal passions and susceptibilities, such how sensuality, cruelty, crooked ways, hypocrisy, greediness, envy and miserliness. They act for only pleasure evil. On one's victims they choose good folks and honest. They are the true disgrace of society, and good manners it is not able to cover their meanness and wickedness. Worked on book "Spiritistic Guide" - A. Kardec