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If we will put, that life exists after life, and in light of the newest investigations (also scientific), this fact was not possible to throw aside, and which is for Christians obvious fact, as existence post mortem life is the element of religion, this offers question: it whether possible to contact with persons from other world or whether from that side in turn nobody tried to contact from our world and to send some message? And such message can she became by someone sended only we it be not able to her take back? How is so?

Transport was one needed with that dimension, where we are successful post mortem existed, it exists and will exist. How much then secrets was taken on that side. Some of us they would give back many for possibility very short conversation with close person after her death, to find out this, what this person she did not it manage us to pass on.In times, when fashionable they were spiritistic seanses, it's possible willl be successful to some medium, aim of connexion across it contact with deceased. Many of such seanses, they were this usual tricks, thanks which cheats they earned on naive credulous folks. Different methods are today contact with other worlds than medium. Little who with us trouble would give myself hearing of radio on range among stations (for example: on medium waves about frequency about 1480 kHz) - in short it walks about usual hums. Nobody also will not to look television on empty channel and nobody also will not be to close in room and it will not rehear compact empty cassette, on which previously he recorded silence of his room. For majority with us it is obvious absurdity, foolishness, loss of time. Fortunately, for someone for example: these, which transcommunication deal with, that is communication with different dimensions by especially constructed technical apparatus then how the most obvious thing and it no loss of time. Then method, thanks which it was it been possible to communicate with other worlds.

For one from the most engaged in this investigative subject matter passes professor E. Senkowski. He shew on several changes of transcomunication. The most often happened symptoms of transcomunication so called are cases transvideo, that is the receipt of pictures from so called transarea, emerge on-screen television monitor, or computer. In grounds transwideo it is comprises also recording of got pictures for mediation different carriers - for example video. Next symptom of trascomunication is transaudio that is consolidation intercepted voices, from behind material world, on magnetic tape. Senkowski shows also on so called transtekst, that is the receipt of text, which it can appear on-screen computer monitor, or for mediation of fax and devices him similar. History of information transfer from that side it sets up in year 1901. Then Waldemar Bogoras, American ethnographer in road on Syberia he stopped in indian settling. Sorcerer of this tribe permitted him to take part in sure mysterious ceremony. Sorcerer fell down in trance and in room where ceremony was held was to hear different voices, non-resident from all sides of room. Ethnographer started phonograph and he recorded audible voices. This was the pioneer recording of voices. Similar phenomena they were different persons' part many. Leslie Flint was one of them. Many times as medium he was subjected tests and experiments in range of phenomena the mediumical in this also and sound. In his presence voices they came with space and the closest neighbourhood. Important what he did not it hear them only he, there now also all present.

Interesting event had place 15 September 1952 year in Italy. Two ministers - the father Agostino Gemelli (the president of Pope Academy) as well as the father Pellegrino Ernetti famous scholar, the phisicist, and the lover of music, it worked over assembly of recordings of Gregorian choruses. Hereinto assembly ministers used old tape recorders from carrier in figure of steel thin line (thin steel wound on spools wire). Permitted to clean up this recording. This defect of these devices was, that she tore thin line often. 15 september was not differently thin line stopped after once next. Father Gemelli, he raised eyes up and turning to one's father's deceased he said: Father, help me!. In this time second of ministers Ernetti he connected thin line and started reproduction tape recorder. What was surprise, when instead of Gregorian chorus fathers heard voice: "Obviously that I will help you, I am near you always". Despite this, what heppened father Ernetti proposed repetition experience. Experiments confirmed, that person's voice records, which no longer lives. Person, which father Gemelli he identified unambiguously, as one's father's deceased.

The pioneer in range of registration of voices with other worlds was Friedrich Jurgenson born in 1903 year in Odessa. For the first time he registered odd voices 12 June 1959 year, when he recorded birds'voices. He was surprised, rehearing tape, that some voice enrolled on her, which he told him about night birds' voices. He suspected initially, that equipment got spoiled him. It had turned out however that tape recorder was good. It later was such situations more in his life. Even during work in radio voices came to him, which he could record. Voices these were audible however really in time reproduction of tape. The Jurgenson had moment of despair and fatigue also continuous registration and listening to with other worlds voices (and not one). In the latter part 1959 year, when he decided to finish one's experiences, among non-resident voices sure repeated sequence was "to listen, to support contact, to listen....". This sounded so as someone with other worlds would want, to Jurgensen he carried on contacts with other worlds, as from there with other worlds someone something wants to pass on. When F. Jurgensone he wanted all to finish, voices appeared with words always "to wait, to wait, to listen us, we ask...". It brought back then result, as Jurgenson never broke already his investigations. And among registered voices he recognized relatives, familiar and friends from their surroundings, which already dead. He later told about yourself, that person with other worlds they charged him task construction of the communication platform among deceaseds' world and world lively. Second of pioneers of investigations he over transcomunication was Constantin Raudive. born on Latvia. After studies in Paris, London as well as long stay in Spain in 1944 year he settled on solid in Sweden. He dealt with with translation there from Spanish on Latvian. Similarly how at Jurgenson voices recorded to him on tape recorder. Going out from house once tape recorder forgot switching off. When he came back he withdrew tape and looking for the end of previous recording voice heard "Kosti, Kosti". In this way, using diminution, his own mother turned to him. Later from Jurgensonem both they compared results of their investigations. Raudive all the time worked over improvement of methods of receipt and the quality of record. In one's archive he accumulated over 72 thousands recordings different voices. In 1968 year gave loud book: "The Inaudible Becomes Audible". Thenceforward more and more persons, intrigued with subject it undertook own experiments with registration of voices with other worlds. To the best explorers' team be numbered journalist and authoress books Hildegard Schafer. It pretended her to be to tie with deceased daughter contact. With these tests of connexion of contact she wrote book - "Voices from that World" (1978), which she contained descriptions and patern different technical devices to contact with different dimension of space-time.

The person dealing at present investigations over transcomunication, is Francois Brune. This educated priest and theologian, the prominent explorer of Bible, it since a long time deals with with matter paranormal phenomena. It is member also studying associations phenomenon transcomunication in Germany and Luxemburg. He is also the author of book "Dead they tell to us". In 1970 year Vatican City created ad litem mobile phone investigations paranormal phenomena, also special cathedral is dealing with with matter of UFO. Priest Brune affirmed, that investigation over receipt voices and pictures with other worlds they are followed by Vatican City diligently, however it does not it be to owe to expect, how priest claims, that they will occupy official position in this matter. Fear sets, that belief in life post mortem - what it would not it be: sky or hell, she would can become upset seriously whether pushed out through several usual receiver sets outright. Maybe someone with you tried or will tried methods contacts with other worlds. I ask about dividing with this, what you observed or this what it pretended you it was reached are hear.