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Bermuda Triangle
For the first time notion "Bermuda Triangle" appeared in newspaper "Argony" in 1964 year. His author was Vincent Addis. Notion Bermuda Triangle used in article: "The deadly Bermuda Triangle".

When we speech about Bermuda Triangle, we mean area between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermudy. Publicity, this area gained along with history of disappearance of flight of five American bombarding fighters. It means about famous already today "flight 19". Here this history.

Five single-engine airplanes, ("patrol 19" from so many consisted) about hour 14:10 took off from base Fort Lauderdale on eastern coast Florida. Flight had to last 2 hour. He had to be in aim the training flight the coaching of raid of aquatic aim (the wreck of ship, in neighbourhood of islands Hens and Chickens), eastwards from coast. All airplanes had fuels so much that it should them to be enough on 1500 kilometres of flight. They had to fly by 250 km eastwards in direction of Bahama, then directly to break north and after 65 km to turn back in south - western direction to base. Instructor, Lieutenant Charles Caroll Taylor proved with flight. After realization of task and the change of ride in direction of base, Taylor got to know that something wrong. He affirmed that the proved by him patrol of airplanes, it's not there, where he should. It was one should was remember in this place about tool navigational, what possessed of this time airplanes. Not seldom they restrained to watch and compass as well as own orientation in terrain it.

Blowing then strong north-east wind pushed down eastwards airplanes what became direct cause events which series brought to tragedy. Lieutenant Taylor, which he lost orientation judged, that flies over Key's, south Florida. In fact however he was over island Andros, laid in the east. Taylor bore so peeled direction, calculating on retrieval the banks of Florida. He did not it pass me however matter that it leads offing his juniors on full sea.

About hour 16:00 Lieutenant Taylor he passed suddenly command over flight different captain Stivers, which after 15 minutes he registered to base "we do not it know where we are, we flew by over Florida probably, we are over Mexican Gulf". It with pilots' conversations resulted that fuel ended them, and deck tools went mad and every of them let different lectures. Suddenly it shout was heard Stivers "Dear I ! It looks how we would enter in white water... We are perdue completely... Do not fly for us... They look, as if would arrived from different world..."

Time flowed away, and Taylor, in spite he call from the earth he did not understand commited by me mistake. Weather began breaking down, the sun set and moonless night approached. About hour 19:04, last message came from patrol which began lacking fuels. Aviators had to land on sea waves. This was very dangerous. The more, that pilots, which flew in patrol from Taylor, they were then pupils who never did this earlier. Their chances of survival were very small. Avengers that is airplanes of "flight 19" could provide for oneself afloat by tens seconds. About hour 19:27 took off two rescue seaplanes called with "flying bombs" (name this got from here that airplanes these had had with tightness problems the tanks of fuel). Exactly 23 minute after start take-off, in result explosion, which saw the crew of ship SS Gainess Mill, one of seaplanes disappears. What was the cause of explosion one does not it's to know. Second seaplane led further searches "flight 19". This lasted till hour 6:15 of on the next day. Search however they did not it give result.

On the next day of searches did not it give anything also. Important the fact is here, that in neighbourhood of disappearance of airplanes the depth of ocean reached several thousand metres even, and the Gulf Stream he could transfer wrecks about tens kilometres.

In May 1991 year and so it after almost 50 years was found at coasts of Florida, remainder 5 Avengers. It was judged that it's airplanes with "flight 19". Where from these guesses, that it means just about this flight. Namely on five wrecks lying in ray 250 m were signs Fort Lauderdale, and one of them had number 28. the same number had airplane evidential Lieutenant's Taylor "flight 19". From she retrieval of wrecks she was joy however premature. It turned out after check that found airplanes had crashed in time several different missions here. "Flight 19" was not it found till present day.