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Is it possible? That's the right question put right here. Is a dead thing can kill? Maybe dead is not dead at all? Have you heard of the "Curse of the Crying Boy"? Such a title was painted by a Spanish painter. It would not be strange if it did not happen soon after the author finished applying his last fixes. At first, the painter's studio burned in the unexplained circumstances. Later, a boy whose likeness was in the picture was killed tragically. This is just the beginning of the treble that followed one by one. How to explain it What strength is in the image of the Crying Boy? Is he the cause of the fires? The events that took place in Great Britain from summer to autumn 1985 have echoed around the world. Let's remind them. After a series of unrelated fires that exploded in private flats, it was discovered that in each of the rooms where the fire broke out, the same image was found. What is this picture? It was a cheap reproduction of a crying baby - a little boy. Every time, without exception, the picture was intact, although all other things were almost completely destroyed by fire. The public got acquainted with this mysterious phenomenon in early September, after one of the national newspapers quoted Peter Hall, a firefighter from Yorkshire. He claimed that fire brigades operating in Northern England had repeatedly come across this image that had not been touched by fire at all times. In none of these cases could the cause of the fire be identified. Hall decided to speak after his brother Ron, who did not take this story seriously, did not want to believe in something that looked like witchcraft - deliberately brought home copies of the Crying Boy and soon his house burned in unexplained circumstances, seeing that From the blackened ruins, an intact image was taken away, Ron Hall decided to act. After the first article appeared on the subject, one of the national dailies said that the owners of the copy of the Crying Boy, who experienced similar misfortunes, were calling to the editorial staff constantly. Nora Brand from Mitcham in Surrey burnt down the house six months after the purchase of the Crying Boy - he only survived and had over a hundred other paintings. Sandra Craske of Kilburn said she, her sister and mother and a friend suffered from the fire that broke out after the purchase of a copy of The Crying Boy. Information about similar cases has come from Leeds, Nottingham, Oxfordshire and from the Isle of Wight. October 21 fire destroyed the Parillo Pizza Palace at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, but still exposed in the exposed place The crying boy was in perfect condition. Three days later the Godber family of Herringthorpe in the south of Yorkshire had lost their homes in a puzzling fire; Hanging in the living room The crying boy was saved, and the paintings hanging on both sides of the fire consumed fire. A day later, a gas explosion took place in a house belonging to the Amos family living in Heswall, Merseyside. The building was completely destroyed, but the images of the crying boy hanging in the living room and dining room were not damaged at all. Less than twenty-four hours later, another fire broke out, this time in the apartment of former firefighter Fred Trower of Telford in Shropshire. This triggered a renewed interest in the miserable subject, and one of the newspapers even suggested that the owners of the Crying Boy participated in the collective smoking of Guy Fawkes' night scenes. Although most people in the UK found that the whole story was merely a harmless play of the "cucumber season", not everyone was convinced of it. It came in November and it turned out that some people were going through a nervous breakdown, believing that the "spirit" of the image that they destroyed persecuted them constantly. A Leeds woman thought the picture was responsible for the death of her husband and three sons, and Woodward, from Forest Hill in London, felt the picture was the cause of her son, daughter, husband and mother dying in separate fires. Several fire brigades, who were asked to comment on the growing image-related hysteria, disagreed on the issue, and did not express consent to participate in collective pits that were organized across the country. Despite this, history did not intend to go away into oblivion. On 12th October Malcolm Vaughan of Church Down in Gloucestershire helped his neighbor to destroy copies of the Crying Boy. Upon returning home, he saw that one of the rooms in his house was in flames, and the firefighters who had arrived at the scene were unable to explain the cause. A few weeks later a mysterious fire broke out in a house in Weston-super-Mare in Avon. William Armitage died at the age of sixty. This information aroused considerable interest in the press when it turned out that the charred body had found no broken copies of the Crying Boy. In the press, one of the firefighters, who had been involved in the firefighting, said: "Until now, I did not believe in all the stories about things that brought disaster. This is something very strange. " Did not this boy have any luck on earth?