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Roswell incident already once "he put" ufologists how and common man in state bewilderment. Was found ship strange, which he crashed on one of farms in United States. Tens years later second scene of this took place, what became in Roswell. 5 may 1995 year the businessman Ray Santilli he disclosed the world the film representative record of autopsy newcomer from different planet. How the operator of film claimed, it was creature then coming from space ship. This same, which in 1947 year crashed in Roswell in state New Mexico.Before however this film could look televiewers at worldwide, the American explorers of UFO began the assault on secret archives CIA. Hopes on displaying film enlarged future president's announcement, J.Carter, who in hustings time admitted, that when hi will be a president, he will allow on disclosure all information about flying saucers. Unfortunately, Carter he won choices, but he did not it keep promise. Bruce Maccabee, the phisicist, studying the subject matter of UFO, he decided oneself to roll out then the process CIA and FBI about concealing information before public stone-pine. The process won and he was had throwed open almost then thousand the sides of different notes from government relating UFO archives. The majority with them were the routine reports about observing of UFO. It was there however something yet, what Maccabee he got probably by mistake - telegram, which was sended in 1947 year from Dallas to Air Force. 8 Air Force Command informed by phone, that some object, liable to be flying disc, he was captured near Roswell. Disc is transported to Wright Field special airplane in aim examining. After conquest note, till moment of appearance of film with alien autopsy in subject Roswell nothing happened. After emission of film was qualified the name of the largest movie trick in history of cinema. It could so be obviously. Is however a few exacting matters of explanation. The film was wound up on blackly white tape of Kodak firm. The laboratory of firm, it examined the tape and the experts they came to conclusion firms that she had become made in 1947 year. It was reserved however the codes denominative year of production of film are repeated by twenty years. Tape could come from year 1967 or 1987 yet. It was forgotten was however adding, that this type of tape from 1951 year is produced in colour only and the studied film was black and white. Rained hints, that alien autopsy she is executed made on especially dummy. This hints aside however doctors pathologists and experts from special effects. They affirmed that it is operation conducted on inhuman creature. Cyril Wecht and Christoper Milroy, world fame pathologists affirmed that though executed section was on true organism, and it on dummy, then showed on film bowels and brain operated they do not it remind human organs. They threw aside with the same thesis, that this creature to possibly folks' body misshapen by some disease. It was should was give some question which were then visits alien, and when they will be next?