A few words about me
My name is Paul and I'am the author of this www page. When the first time several years ago I decided to create my internet's world, I know that beginnings will be difficult. And it was not easily. I know, that before me many work, antil I will come to decent level. I learnt on my own mistakes - coming to perfection and this level, which I was't to shame today. Why I created this side? The answer is wery simple. First I wont to appear in big internet world. To add to millions of peaples who create internet pages and make to meet new interesting peoples. But first of all I decided to appear for these, which I knew once, and with one contact stopped and our roads in natural way broke up somewhere there. I think about my friends with elementary, average and higher school, and about my other friends.I hope so, someone with them maby today, tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, foundling this side and thanks this again we will link contact. And now several words about me. I wos born in 1972 in Chełmno in kujawy and pomeranian province. If I wonted to reproduce my family tree (what it does not it undertake) showed, that I'am the coat of arms the Sas or Ślepowron. By 31 years of my life I lived in Chełmno - picturesquely laid city over Vistula. In Chełmno I finished elementary school name "Pomeranian Philomaths", here I passed final exam in secondary-school name Nicolaus Kopernik. Later like a graduate I stood up before life choice - whot further? chose tourism. I finished the International Study of Turism and Culture in Bydgoszcz and next International Akademy of Science San Marino. I possess scientific title of bachelor of this Akademy. My hobby is music, movie, tourism, parapsychology and paranormal phenomena. More about it you can read on the page my hobby. My professional activity is short but pithy. By five years I wos journalist in local council newspaper "Nadwislanin", from what last three years I overworked as her editor-in-chief. I was the cofounder and also the subeditor new of local weekly "Narrator". Writing however this it not all. I like trips. I'am licensed tour leader, what marks, that I toured a little of world. We met maybe even somewhere. And if it this can yet somewhere we will meet.